If everything is changing, why does everything feel the same?

There isn’t an organization out there that isn’t implementing some type of change, some more transformative than others. However, very few it seems have cracked the code on making the change real.

Lately, the common malady that I am coming across in most of the organizations that I am working with – is the “It’s not me it’s them” leadership ailment. You know the old – “if everybody around here would just do their job”

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Are You Starving Your Workforce?

It used to be that people left companies to advance their careers but now more and more employees are physically or mentally checking out because they don’t feel a meaningful connection to the work they do or the company they work for.

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To Be or Not To Be … A Leader

I was driving in my car the other day and I was listening to the TED Radio Hour. The subject of that day’s broadcast was Everyday Leadership.

As I was listening I was harkened back to a time right after 9/11 where the company I was working for had an enterprise initiative with the tagline One Firm. One Team. Be a Leader. An initiative, my former colleagues who are reading this, will likely remember.

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Can you ever be too confident?

Those of you reading this post, who know me – know that I am pretty confident person, and some might even say I can be over confident at times. So why is that a bad thing?

Well … when confidence crosses over to arrogance it can definitely put people off. But there are also people who have a quiet confidence about them – so when does that become a problem?

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What ever happened to constructive criticism?

It is very tempting to be brutally honest when someone messes up or something goes completely wrong.

With the old adage “misery loves company” in mind – I am definitely not above having a complaint fest or commiserating with my likeminded comrades. It definitely feels good at that moment but when it’s over I don’t feel very energized to do anything to turn the situation around.

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People vs. Talent Management – What’s in a name?

As my grandmother always said… it doesn’t matter what you call me – just don’t call me late for dinner!!!

That said, I am very happy to see this shift from “what you can do for the company” to “what the company can do for you” that Josh Bersin from Deloitte has recently written about.

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Some Feedback about Feedback…

I was at client meeting the other day with some fellow coaches and as we were being briefed on the company they shared that they were trying to build more of a feedback culture – as one of the lowest ranking items on their engagement survey was about receiving feedback.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed… Try, Try Again!

Ok, raise your hand if your plan is to fail in your current or next job assignment?

I am pretty sure none of you raised your hand, and are probably thinking why would I ask such a facetious question!

Well… because failure, while admittently unpleasant, is a really effective way to learn and gain insight that you may not have gotten otherwise, as well as an opportunity to build greater resiliency.

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Be The Change You Wish To See

Those of you who know me – know that my tagline is Be the Change You Wish to See.

I wish I could take credit for this brilliant statement but that would have to go to Mahatma Gandhi who specifically said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Basically It means that YOU have to be the change that you want to see in others or in situations …to truly embody or personify the change. Moreover, that you can be a catalyst for change by being a reflection of the very change you are looking for others to make happen.

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