Leadership Development & Coaching

ClimbingLeaders at all levels are instrumental towards achieving desired performance at the organization, team and individual level. Their ability to connect employees to their company’s or their individual business unit’s mission, vision and key priorities and to get the best from the individuals they lead is critical to an organizations effectiveness and growth. We partner with executives and high potential leaders to leverage their leadership strengths and to uncover and work through the challenges that interfere with their capacity to obtain the results they want for themselves, their teams and their organizations.


Previous Engagements:

  • Established a best in class leadership development architecture that had noticeable impact on company culture/leadership brand, succession depth, and satisfaction and retention of top executive talent.
  • Administered assessment instruments to validate potential of C-suite successors, consolidated feedback to identify key strengths and development needs, co-created goal focused development plans, and provided ongoing coaching to key successors and their managers.
  • Developed and implemented assessment based selection processes to identify the best external talent to fill critical executive leadership positions with the required experience and qualifications as well as the right organizational fit — likelihood to succeed once hired into the role.
  • Provided leadership coaching to a seasoned CIO to effectively drive transformational change. Conducted 360 interview process to identify improvement opportunities, facilitated stakeholder engagement sessions to provide real time coaching, and worked one on one to gain insight and build strategies to strengthen change leadership skills.
  • Assisted a highly successful sales executive to effectively transition into a general management role. Facilitated self-awareness and ownership of capability gaps, partnered to create a plan to close the gaps, and provided ongoing coaching to increase conflict management and risk tolerance skills which were identified as key success factors.
  • Provided onboarding coaching to first time CHRO to enable him to respond effectively to the demands of his new role, gain clarity and alignment on stakeholder performance expectations and to establish the right pace/cadence with the CEO and Board of Directors.
We cannot become the leaders we need to be by remaining who we are.

—Max de Pree