Team Alignment & Coaching

FacesIt is rare that a sole individual, or individuals who act independent of each other, will contribute as much or as fast as a group of individuals who work together as a team. However, just because a group of individuals may be labeled a team – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will act as a cohesive and aligned unit. We work with leaders and their teams to assess their effectiveness and provide coaching to increase their ability to close the gaps that interfere with their high performance.


Previous Engagements:

  • Delivered post merger/acquisition teambuilding interventions to establish a common mission, solidify team roles and relationships, and focus team members on working together to minimize disruption to customers and increase readiness to achieve productivity and growth targets.
  • Assisted leader to identify sources of conflict within leadership team. Collected data and presented analysis to identify key underlying issues. Facilitated a session to resolve issues resulting in greater teamwork and team member satisfaction.
  • Structured and delivered a session to strengthen the alignment and partnerships within a geographically dispersed, multi-functional senior leadership team. Increased understanding and appreciation for each other’s roles, responsibilities and key priorities, identified interdependencies, synergies and disconnects, and built improved team member relationships and accountability.
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

—Helen Keller