It used to be that people left companies to advance their careers but now more and more employees are physically or mentally checking out because they don’t feel a meaningful connection to the work they do or the company they work for.

This could be due to a convergence of disillusion by both Baby Boomers and Millennials or just the natural cycle of things. Whatever, the underlying cause – it is becoming increasingly important for leaders to address this growing hunger if left unfed, could literally starve the company of its much needed talent.

The good news here, is – you don’t need another transformation or major initiative to get this going – you just need to engage your employees in a conversation by asking the following types of questions.

  • Do you know how your job is important to the organization?
  • What skills do you get to use on the job?
  • What talents do you have that you don’t use or would like to use more?
  • What do you find challenging about your job? Rewarding?
  • In what areas within your current responsibilities would you like to have increased involvement?
  • How can you draw upon your strengths to solve challenges or overcome obstacles?
  • What would you like to have a chance to learn or get involved with?

Asking these questions will communicate to your employees that you are interested in finding ways to make the work environment compelling and enjoyable, and it will provide valuable information that you both can act upon.

What have you done lately to feed this hunger within your company or yourself?