About Us

Our Core Values

Transfer capability to all who we touch. Our ultimate objective is to build the skills and insights to create lasting capability and sustainable results with our clients long after we are gone.

Offer progressive yet practical advice and solutions. We are thought leaders in tune with the latest innovations but are also grounded in the realities that confront today’s leaders, organizations and professionals.

Take the complex and make it simple. We create and deliver strategies, tools and resources that are easy to grasp but have a profound impact.

Be expert at enabling others to be experts. We provide best practices but rely on clients to judge what will work for them and/or their organizations.

Tell it like it is but deliver it with heart. We are direct and challenging while at the same time present our views in a way that our clients are able to appreciate and learn from.

Act with the utmost integrity and transparency. We are honest and forthright in all our dealings and honor all agreed upon commitments.

Our Target Clients

We partner with organizations and individuals who are interested in improving their capacity to grow, innovate and/or transform.

Specifically we work with:

  • Leaders who want to enhance their leadership skills and effectiveness.
  • Professionals who are want to increase their readiness to be promoted to the next leadership level.
  • Individuals who are are seeking clarity and a plan to pursue a new or different career direction.
  • Teams that need to build greater alignment and commitment to their strategic and operational objectives.
  • Companies who are looking to reposition themselves in the marketplace and need to refresh their business model and organization design.
  • Business or functional groups whose shifting customer requirements demand transformative change.
  • Organizations whose talent management strategies, processes and programs aren’t having the intended impact on employee attraction, engagement, capabilities and/or retention.