So…after reaching out to my network, going on job interviews and basically, pursuing the path that I thought I was meant to follow – I came to the realization that others close to me already knew… that I am not happy or at my best when I am not charting new territory or discovering new roadways.

Ok … enough with the metaphoric messaging – right? What I am trying to say is … I decided to give up the comfort and security of working for an established company and decided to strike out on my own.

This in no way was an easy decision for me NOT because I am not a risk taker or courageous or any other related adjective. It’s just that when you step off a well paved path that you worked hard to cement – you want to make sure you aren’t going totally off the grid. (Yes, I am back to this metaphor).

So a special shout out and a heartfelt thanks to all who helped me to realize that I have a strong internal compass and the fortitude to follow my passions no matter what bumps or detours come my way.

So this is my way of paying it forward to those of you who have been holding back from a decision you are totally equipped to make. Go ahead … in the commercially successful words of Nike… Just do it!

Or … if you would like help to explore or pursue your road less traveled – I would love to hear from you.