5 Blunders to Avoid When Trying to Build Aligned Action

Building alignment among your team, colleagues and other key stakeholders is critical to successfully implementing any business or functional transformation. Here are 5 blunders you will want to avoid.

Delivering a compelling vision for change that is lackluster at best.

I once witnessed a leader say that it was a very exciting time to be a part of the business after presenting some impressive data. BUT, if you were to go by the look on his un-animated face and the tone of his voice.

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Watch out… There’s a New Leader in Town!

Why do so many successful executives fail to successfully onboard to new companies or positions? Seems like a no brainer with all the books on the subject and common sense advice that is out there, right? WRONG!!!

Typically when executives are brought in from the outside there usually is a gap within the organization in terms of specific leadership or functional capabilities and/or availability of internal talent with the required skillset or experience. So it’s no surprise that during the interview process the new executive often walks away thinking that they have been hired to bring substantial change to the organization or in some cases succeed where others have failed.

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So… What’s it like to not have all the answers?

I was coaching an executive the other day who was working on being more inquisitive, and was struggling with her effort to solicit and be open to her employees’ input, opinions and suggestions.

We had agreed that she would keep a log after our last coaching session to capture how many times she asked open ended questions (what do you think we should do in response to the customer’s request?) vs. directive, or leading questions (so you are going to call that customer and tell him we will deliver by next tuesday, right?)

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Go ahead… You know you want to do it!

So…after reaching out to my network, going on job interviews and basically, pursuing the path that I thought I was meant to follow – I came to the realization that others close to me already knew… that I am not happy or at my best when I am not charting new territory or discovering new roadways.

Ok … enough with the metaphoric messaging – right? What I am trying to say is …

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